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hubsan x4 h502s

Hubsan X4 H502S new advanced 720p FPV quadcopter

Hubsan X4 H502S

Hubsan is on a roll so far this year releasing quadcopters and one of the latest is the Hubsan X4 H502S. It’s an FPV quadcopter featuring a 720p camera, headless mode, follow mode, altitude hold, return to home, a built in GPS and an FPV screen built into the transmitter.

FPV video is obviously the main focus of this quadcopter and I am expecting great results from this unit, the camera is mounted on a slight downwards angle and records videos at 720p. I’m not sure whether or not it will record to the transmitter or to the quadcopter itself but I am leaning towards the latter.

Design wise this quadcopter looks really nice as does the rest of the new Hubsan quadcopter line, very modern looking.

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The transmitter on this quadcopter is fantastic looking, it’s got every control for all the quadcopter functions, a built in FPV receiver screen, and looks like it’ll be really nice to hold.

default transmitter h502s

The return to home function is really nice on this quadcopter, unlike quadcopters without GPS the Hubsan X4 H502S will actually come right to where it took off from automatically when you hit the return to home button. This feature also functions as a failsafe, if your quadcopter loses transmitter signal it will automatically return to where it took off.

Altitude hold is a really nice feature and does pretty much what it sounds like, it uses a barometric pressure sensor to keep your quadcopter at a steady altitude. This allows you to forget about adjusting the throttle and focus more on positioning, this is fantastic and really lets you get nice smooth high quality videos.

This quadcopter also comes with a following function that supposedly will follow you around, I don’t know how well this feature will work but it sounds pretty interesting.

I’m seriously excited for the Hubsan X4 H502S because it is just so feature packed and is from a brand that is well known for high quality quadcopters. I’m still a little confused about some of the features but we’ll have to see more when it releases, in the mean time you can click the button below to get even more information and images.

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  • Brand: Hubsan
  • Model: H502S X4
  • Size:165*165*60mm
  • Weight(with battery):140-147g
  • Battery: 7.4V (2S) 610mAh 35g
  • Camera: HD 720P 5.8Ghz FPV
  • Motor: Coreless 0820 x4
  • Landing Gear: Rubber feet
  • Transmitter Range: 200±15 m
  • Flight time: 12 – 13 minutes
  • Charge time: 30 – 40minutes
  • Display: 4.3 inches LCD (resolution: 480*272)


1 x Hubsan X4 H502S Quadcopter
1 x Transmitter
1 x Battery

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