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SYMA X21W a new altitude hold WiFi FPV quadcopter

SYMA X21W with WiFi FPV

Today we’re checking out the SYMA X21W which includes WiFi FPV, altitude hold, one key return, flip mode, headless mode, and around 5 minutes of flight time. This also comes in a basic version called the SYMA X21 and the SYMA X21 – S with unique one handed transmitter.

The body of this quadcopter is a new small design coming in at just under 5.5 inches with a new X shaped frame featuring a wide flat body. This flat body may make it more difficult to fly outdoors if there is a windy day as it will have higher wind resistance.

syma x21 - swhite

The top of the quadcopter features a button for turning the quadcopter on/off, snap in prop guards for the propellers, and you can pick it up in black or white.

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The SYMA X21W seems to feature a non removable battery which means that it is easy to not have to deal with removing and charging batteries but for an expert it may be a hassle to not be able remove and charge the battery.

On the subject of battery the battery itself is 380mAh and gives you around 5 minutes of flight time, not a huge amount but not unheard of for a small quadcopter.

The camera they include with the quadcopter is mounted to the front of the quadcopter at a forward facing angle and streams video over WiFi to the SYMA GO app on your phone. One nice thing about the camera is that it is capable of recording to a microSD card on the quadcopter resulting in higher quality video than something recorded over WiFi FPV.

The transmitter they’ve included with this quadcopter is one that features an easy to use button layout, flat control sticks, and they’ve removed trim buttons instead using a button combination. On the top of the transmitter is an adjustable mount for a wide variety of phone sizes.

Normally WiFi FPV would be hard to use if you didn’t have altitude hold, but since they’ve decided to include it the delay from the WiFi latency isn’t such a big deal.


The SYMA X21W is definitely a pretty nice looking quadcopter and really for the features it has is pretty cheap. Not only does it stream video over WiFi but it also records it in decent quality to the quadcopter itself AND includes altitude hold which makes up for video latency. Click the button below to check it out for yourself.

$35.29 on GearBest


  • Brand: Syma
  • Model: X21W
  • Detailed Control Range: 20~25m
  • FPV Range: 25m
  • Battery: 3.7V 380mAh
  • Flight Time: 5+ mins
  • Charge Time (h): less than 90mins
  • Camera Quality: 1MP (micro SD card)/0.3MP (phone app)
  • Video Resolution: 720P HD
  • Dimensions: 13.60 x 13.60 x 3.10 cm

Included Items:

1 x Drone
1 x Transmitter
1 x Mobile Phone Holder
1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Card Reader
4 x Spare Propeller

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